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I was watching Fox news today and they had a spot about the Vermonty calendar. Most of my family live in Burlington Vermont so it caught my attention. What a fantastic concept. I just had to try and find you on the web. It wasn't to hard at all, even though I didn't catch the Maple Corner name. I got the biggest kick out of your web page, it's very informative and loads nicely. Good work. One question, I signed up to be notified when the new calendar comes out but does it give the ages and whether they are married or not, or any personal info? Just wondering...
Dear Gentlemen: (And I do mean dear!) Like many others around the country, you brought smiles to my face many times over this past year. I am anxiously awaiting the 2003 Calendar to be ready for ordering. My only request is that you move the mailing dates earlier ! my husband & I and all visitors to our home, have enjoyed it on my refrigerator. I need it for EARLY Dec., so do what you can to allow for early orders. PLEASE, IT IS JUST THE PERFECT GIFT! I just love the spirit you all have, and it makes me look forward to one day visiting your area and see your Community Center....and maybe meet some of you! Keep it up, your country needs you!
as a fully pantsed man of maple corner, i demand a spot in the parade... along with the other members of the local legion of decency. We wish to protest male nudity and take a stand for a appropriate attire, perhaps even a local dress code... we could sing dueling songs!... dirk
enjoy your website so much,wish there were more pictures of the men though! editors note: check back later
I love the calendar (2002) except for the month of June. Wednesday the 36th just makes the month to long.
Keep up to the good work for a good cause.
Well, fellows the year is half over! It's been a hoot sharing it the "Vermonties." Hope you are all well and the community center is thriving! Please, that is, PRETTY PLEASE WITH MAPLE SUGAR on it, adopt another cause and bring us another calendar for 2003 along with all the good cheer from Maple Corner! I was on your web site today looking to order the "2003" for myself and friends. Please advise when I can place orders. Good Luck and Love from S. Leland, NC.
Ahhh...the remarkable 36th of June...hmmmmmmmmmmm..& you thought we were only looking at the photos. Love your stuff, is there going to be a 2003 edition? Smilin'Annie in the Adirondacks
We and our friends have had many hours of laughter and fun with the calendar and hope this is just the first of many!
Hurrah for the Men of Maple Corners!! I can hardly wait! I'll need 3 at a minimum.
Will there be a 2003 issue of the Maple Corners calendar? I realize the 2002 would be hard to top for whimsy.
The whole neighborhood is hysterical over your calendar. I am an artist and it hangs in a place of honor in my studio. The day it arrived a group of the local grande dames arrived for a first unveiling. Such hilarity, the decible level possibly influenced by the sherry being served.
Above all else, I applaud your initiative. The project looks like a labor of love (& necessity) that has drawn the community together in numerous ways. I wish you all the best in raising the funds needed to complete your project. My sister & I became aware of your endeavors via the "sand bag" photo. It was recently, shall we say "showcased", in the Providence, RI, Sunday paper . Our interest was piqued & we decided to investigate further. I've ordered 2002's calendar for me (I don't care of it's already September!) Also, I put in an order for 2003 - one for me & one for my sister.
e-mail Last year my sister-in-law gave me your 2002 calender. I just called her to tell her that this year I'm sending one to her. I'm also sending one to an 83 year old friend who used to live in Vermont. She liked the Tom Sellek calender I gave her years ago. I know that she will love The Men of Maple Corner!
e-mail Loved my 2002 calendar - made me smile every day. Thrilled to see you guys going all out for 2003! Looking forward to many more smiles in 2003.
You all deserve a round of applause for drawing the community together with this project & extending your generosity to others in the process. It's community projects of this kind that let you get to know your neighbors & it brings out the pride in the community.
"We sold more 'Men of Maple Corner' calendars last year than we sold 'New York Times'. Bear Pond Books, Montpelier Vermont
e-mail When Maple Corner hit the news last year with its calendar, I was one of the first to order one online. Things in Tucson, AZ seem kinda dull compared to Maple Corner. I wish I could be there in person!
We are delighted that you are putting out a 2003 calendar. We will order several as gifts to Very Important People, including my 80 year old uncle. All we can say is "Keep it up!"
e-mail I'm happy you did another calendar - now the ladies in my neighborhood can continue to come over for the "unveiling" on the 1st of each month! - Riverside, RI
I got the order form in the mail yesterday and today I've had "I want one" requests for the calendar from England, Canada, Oklahoma and 3 to stay here in Arkansas! I'll sent an order in very soon! Thanks for the reply!
Just visited your page again. I think you are having too much fun! I am envious ... Riverton, Vt.
OK you guys. I'm not buying any calendar that doesn't have a June 36 on it. It has become a new national holiday among the women of Tulsa, Oklahoma -- known as "Calais". So does the 2003 calendar have a June 36?
phone message
Well, I just recived my 3 calendars, and it says it's the last time ever, and I called to say I think that's sad, and a bad, bad idea. There's lots of us out here who find this calendar quite a delight. There are so few things in this world that we get a good chuckle about. If your town is so small that you don't have enough fellers to go around, then, well, try the ladies next time around. But we love your calendar, and I hope you'll change your mind.
e-mail I received my order of two calendars on Friday, October 11th in good order. The people at work loved it and and I have to say that 2003 is better than the first. Thanks for the smile!!!!!!!!! Penacook, NH
e-mail Your calendar this year is very nice. You are doing a fine job of light-hearted humor which this world needs very badly. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the success in your community efforts. Lebanon, PA
Last year my sister-in-law sent me a "Men of Maple Corner Calendar" as a New Year's gift. It was, is, and always will be, the best calendar I have ever received!! Some women enjoy their Playgirl Pinups and some enjoy their Chippendale Posters. As for me, I have found THE REAL MEN at Maple Corner (Calais), Vermont!! Please keep printing those wonderful calendars!!
e-mail Just wanted to let you know that I have just sent for a new 2003 calendar and that I love these!!! I think what you are doing is great, soooo keep up the good work Men of Maple Corner.
e-mail Order received, love the T-shirts, calendar is the best yet!
e-mail Wanted you all to know how much I enjoyed and agreed with your website. It's one of the best on the web. Most of it...my feelings to a "t". Thanks for an entertaining Sunday! Best wishes to all of ya! Ohio
e-mail Dear Steve, I received the calendar. Thank you so much. My sister will be delighted to receive this in her Christmas stocking this year. She has been single for about 25 years and I hope this will put a smile back on her face. In the meantime I think I can help you sell about 25 more calendars by showing it to clients and friends between now and Christmas. These guys are so normal and immodest, very sexy, very sexy. Forget the Chippendales. MJ in Texas
e-mail I will be a customer in the future it you do it again I love it...........finally a calendar for the women of age and reality!!!!!! thanks again Pat , gramma to 5 and loving the calendar
e-mail I received the calendar. Thank you so much. My sister will be delighted to receive this in her Christmas stocking this year. She has been single for about 25 years and I hope this will put a smile back on her face. In the meantime I think I can help you sell about 25 more calendars by showing it to clients and friends between now and Christmas. These guys are so normal and immodest, very sexy, very sexy. Forget the Chippendales. MJ in Texas
e-mail cool idea. brave guys
e-mail I was so interested in reading about the "Men of Maple Corner" calendar and have ordered one for 2003. Your community sounds so wonderful..........much like my little town in the mountains of North Carolina when I was growing up. Boone, North Carolina
from order form Loved the 2002 calendar, and I'm single! Men Come South!! - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
e-mail Have received my new "Calender" and am enjoying it as much as I did last year!!! We have a "signed" one in the office.. Keep them coming....
from order form I have been unable to find Calais, VT on my map, or to find the population...where the heck are you? I would like some information.Good Luck. - Whittemore, Iowa
e-mail Great idea and for a good cause. Too bad more communities can't get together and "make it happen." From some of the comments sent in to your site, someone here has known about the calendar for a while as two of them were from Tahlequah, OK.
e-mail Fabulous idea. So glad the project got you what you needed and more. Everyone in the photos looked like they were having a great time. Keep smiling.
from order form Is any one of these sandbaggers available? If so, I;ll be up! I love you guys, you are the greatest! Franklin, VT
e-mail Wow!!! what more can I say?? Any single fellas in the group?? Just saw y'all profiled In American Profile in our local paper, and knew I had to order before it was too late! Ordered last years and 3 of 2003. I like volunteering for different projects, including a local community center, and this is such a splendid idea...just wish the men around here could be as open minded! You 'cuties' did a great service for a good cause...be proud!! A huge admirer.... in Harrodsburg, KY
from order form Glad to see you are doing this again! Go for '04!! You guys are so HOT!!! - Plentywood, Montana
e-mail I LOVE YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!! Last year my son got the Women of Tamworth's calendar for his grandfather (my father, age 85) for Christmas. When I saw you on The Today show, I immediately ordered one of your calendars for my mother (wife of 85 year old grampa above). I want to order a 2003 calendar and the order is in the mail. Thanks for your enthusiasm for life. And I guess I wouldn't worry about the Maple Corner Moral Minority! Chances are they aren't having anywhere near as much fun as you are! Enjoy life. You are only here a short time, and you don't get to come again. Live it, boys!!! Sincerely, C.R.
e-mail I saw the 2002 guys on the Today show last year in Oct-Nov. I was really impressed with the way your town took it upon themselves to come up with a solution. I loved the calendar but last year I ordered it for a friend of mine for Christmas. I have to say, she LOVED it. She really likes short bald men. This year I ordered three. Two of them are for her, one for work and one for home. The other is mine! I'm sorry but I never saw how much you actually raised for the Community Center. I hope it was enough and more. I know you will do great this year also. Good luck with all your sales and have a Merry Christmas. - Edmond, Ok
e-mail Couldn't resist telling you (and all involved) that I was so happy to hear "Mr. February's" call-in to the Car Talk guys on Public Radio today. I'm a "repeater" in that I ordered 7-8 calendars last year after receiving one as a gift. My 75 year old mother got one of the calendars I ordered and just last week inquired of me, "Are we going to have another, ahem, calendar this year?" I said I'd look into it...and this will be one of her favorite holiday gifts! Thanks for the fun the calendar provides--and for the benefits to your community as a fund raiser! Good luck! - Des Moines, Iowa
e-mail Thank you! I am a Hair Stylist in SC, Columbia, and my ladies love Your calendars! I bought two of your calendars last year, 2002, and they couldn't wait to see who their man was for the month of their birthday! What fun! We all think what you are doing so much good to help the fund's for your community! Y'all are fantastic. (((((((Hang in there)))))) ;o)
When I saw you guys on the Today show last year while on my smoke break, (we have a TV in the break room), it totally cracked me up. I wrote down the web address and went back to my desk and logged in to order 2, one for me, one for 72 year old Mom. She loves it, I love it, just sent my order to 2 more 2003. I can't wait for the 2003. I wish it wouldn't be one of those 'controversial' things, cuz I'd like one at work too. You guys had a really hot idea. Chippendale are fakes, you guys are real everyday men. The calendars are very tasteful, more art than profanity. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! Bet you never thought it would go so far, right? We want 2004, 2005, 2006, etc. you started it, don't let us fans down. If you don't need the money, give it to other causes in close by communities. Set up scholarships for local kids. You can come up with something, you came up with this! Thank you from Atlas, Wisconsin. (Too small to be a real town with it's own zip code.)
Hi! Just have to tell you that my friend from Vermont sent me your 2002 calendar. All year it has been a major attraction in my home. I don't say anything, but for some reason people are just drawn to it. I think it must be the great photography ! Wouldn't you agree? Thanks for the fun! and for all the GOOD you're doing with the $$ ! I'm going to mail in my order the 2003 calendar today. New Jersey
e-mail Is 2003 going to be the last year that you do the MEN OF MAPLE CORNER CALENDARS? Why don't the guys in the "MINORITY GROUP" at least pose with their shirts off? At least meet the other brave guys half way?
e-mail Dear MOMC, I work for a "very stuffy insurance company" in Warren, NJ as an assistant art director. I too, am a part time nudist, and my summers are spent at a GREAT camp in the Pocono's. I can't stand clothes, and all my co-workers know this. My wonderful boss gave me the "Men of Maple Corner" 2003 Calendar for Christmas! (his son goes to school in VT) Best present I've recieved in years. What a hoot! What a great idea for a fund raiser. As soon as I recover financially from Xmas, I'm sending you a check for your cause. You guys are great, and I wanted to thank you. I'll never look at VT in the same way, ever again. PLEASE keep me on your mailing list. I'm very interested in what you're up to. My "clothes" are off to you guys. Have a Happy and Healthy Nude Year.... Sincere best wishes, C


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