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Calais Community Center to Create New 2003 Men of Maple Corner Calendar, Fund for Area Non-Profits

Calais, VT (July 17, 2002) - With 38,000 Men of Maple Corner calendars sold worldwide last year and the Calais Community Center Building Fund full beyond their wildest dreams, what could they possibly do with more money? The answer is give it to groups that need it. After numerous community meetings to determine the needs within the town of Calais, this year's calendar earnings will go to area non-profits determined by the Community Center Board. Money will be earmarked to fix the Curtis Pond Dam, the 3 local volunteer fire departments covering Calais and many other community groups serving the town of Calais.

Matt Myers (Mr. November '02),president of the Community Center Board commented, "We have yet to settle on a theme for this year's calendar." He continued jokingly, "Maybe something like "The Men of Maple Corner are dropping their canoe and picking up sandbags to help save the Curtis Pond Dam."

The Community Center Board surveyed 400 of their past customers via e-mail this spring. An overwhelming 70% replied to the survey with 96% stating they were very happy with their calendar and 95% encouraging them to produce another in 2003.

This year, 35 new men in Maple Corner offered to put their names in a hat - and their butts on the line - for a chance to be picked for this year's benefit calendar. This year's12 supermodels were picked randomly by the calendar committee to pose in the 2003 Men of Maple Corner Calendar.

"It's great to have so many people willing to embarrass themselves for a good cause," added Chris Miller (Mr. February'02) and production coordinator for the 2003 calendar. "I still can't go into Allen Lumber (local lumber yard) without blushing."

The 2003 Calendar will be available for ordering in September at www.maplecorner.net or Calendar, PO Box 39, Calais, Vt. 05648


From: The Board of Directors of the Maple Corner Community Center.

The MCCC board recently held a community meeting to determine how anticipated earnings from the 2003 MOMC calendar will be donated. The board is announcing final determination as follows: A majority of the money will be donated as seed money to rebuild the Curtis Pond Dam, to support the fire departments covering Calais, and to increase access to the MCCC for people with disabilities.

The remaining funds will be provided to the following organizations:
Adamant Community Center
Neighbors helping Neighbors
Calais Watershed Protection Group
Calais / Woodbury Foodshelf
Calais PTNO Playground Fund
The Veterans Memorial in North Calais
The Calais Historical Society
The Washington County Family Center

2003 Men of Maple Corner Contact Sheet

Production: Chris Miller (Mr. February '02) 802.223.0346 bluebarn@adelphia.net - Calendar Production and Marketing Bulk orders and shipping Media contact

Production and webmaster: Steve Gallagher (Mr. May '02) 802.223.1286 steve@songseek.com - Calendar Production and Marketing Database Website development and maintenance

Photography : Craig Line 802-229-5621 www.craiglinephotos.com

Additional Calendar Committee Members: Dick Jenny, Judy Harden, Bev Heise

Survey Results:

Survey randomly sent to 400 customers from Mail in, Online, Phone in and Retail. 246 responded

Question: Please choose one of the following that best describes your level of satisfaction regarding the overall quality of the calendar? Overall Quality? Excellent 96% Satisfactory 4% Poor 0%

Question: We are considering the publication of a similar calendar for 2003 to raise funds for future projects. Would you urge us to go forward with such an effort? Do again in 2003? Yes 95% No 5%

Question: If a calendar of similar quality as the one you purchased is available next year, will you pay $15.00 for copies? Yes 94.5% No 5.5%

When asked how many they would likely purchase. 2.24 calendars per sale

Question: Would you purchase other Men of Maple Corner products such as T-Shirts and Hats if they were available? Yes 36.5% No 63.5%

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