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Often people ask us what it would be like living in Maple Corner. We asked people in town to list the pro's and con's

  • Occasional Naked Men
  • A beautiful Community Center
  • Mosquito's
  • Black fly swarms
  • When there are no bugs it is usually about 35 below zero
  • 2 month Mud season
  • 2 week swimming season
  • 6 months of snow
  • No cell phone reception
  • 10 feet of snow shoveling
  • Neighbors like Mr. February
  • Ice storms
  • Deer fly swarms
  • Limited cable access
  • Slush in your boots
  • Power outages
  • High property taxes
  • Fear of the dam breaking
  • traffic and dust in the village
  • Have to drive 10 miles for gas
  • The last bar in town closed over 100 years ago

I asked some of the neighbors to help me put together this list of pros & cons of living here. Here is our start, please feel free, if you live here, to send me more additions to this list.

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