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The Men of Maple Corner 2003

It's OFFICIAL! - We have a calendar for 2003. Men have thrown their names into "the hat" and were selected on July 10th. You can add your e-mail address in the form at bottom left to be notified of any important calendar news. We are also be selling T-shirts and hats. This year there are 16 new guys in 12 months, and the Maple Corner Men for Decency (the clothed men) as the 13th month. Also included in this years calendar are 3 new sections, "our story", a "scrapbook" from last year, and a "Maple Corner Timeline" which gives the history of the Maple Corner Community Center from the 26,000B.C. caveman potlucks to freshly painted dining room in July 2002.

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Important Notice to all!! - As of March 15th the Maple Corner Community Center is folding the Men of Maple Corner calendar operation, and going back to being a sleepy little community social center. People are welcome to place orders up thru that date. On Monday morning, March 17th, we will send out our final shipments and close up shop. Thanks to all for the incredible interest and support for our causes. It has all been lots of fun.

Super special limited offer on Signed Calendars - - signed by all the men. Limited Supply, get them before they run out. Price reduced to only $10.See the order forms

Try This to Test Your Knowlege - The Men of Maple Corner Secret Contest. It was a secret, but now the Location finally is announced - Click Here to try it

After the phenomenal success of the 2002 men of Maple Corner calendar, why on earth would we do another? We sold over half a million dollars worth of calendars and raised enough money to keep our community center alive and thriving into the future. With 39,000 Men of Maple Corner calendars sold worldwide last year and the Calais Community Center Building Fund full beyond their wildest dreams, what could they possibly do with more money?

The answer is give it to groups that need it. After numerous community meetings to determine the needs within the town of Calais, all of this year's calendar earnings will go to local area non-profits determined by the Community Center Board. Money will be earmarked to fix the Curtis Pond Dam, help the 3 local volunteer fire departments covering Calais, and many other community groups, from the emergency food shelf, to the Historical Society. A new group of brave men offered to put their butts on the line, and our loyal fans encouraged us to do it again. So, for the last time ever, we offer the 2003 Men Of Maple Corner! In the new edition you will find: 12 exceptional monthly photos of Maple Cornerís finest. We are including 4 extra pages with 34 additional behind the scenes photos.

See the work of restoring our community center, and learn its unique history. Read the story of the making of the Men of Maple Corner calendar and our meteoric rise to fame. Youíll learn of the Maple Corner Men for Decency protest group. And youíll see more of your favorite men from last year. Back by popular request, follow along with the Class of 2002ís summer scrapbook. Adventures include: spring skiing in Maple Corner, taking a hike, working on the farm and visiting the statehouse.

T-Shirts and hats - When we surveyed people about T-Shirts and hats, 95% of people in Maple Corner , and 36% of the general public wanted them. So here they are: (see order page for descriptions)

As of Feb. 1st, the Men of Maple Corner 2003 Calendar has been out and available for almost 4months- and we have sold about 17,000 calendars, about 6,000 thru bookstores and 11,000 in direct sales. To take a quick preview, click on See Photos , Meet the Men, or go to the History page to see some of the photo shoots, or just go ahead and order some. We are shipping out all orders as we receive them, twice a week.

Some people have written to me asking what it's like living in Maple Corner, so I asked some of the neighbors to help me put together a list of pros & cons of living here. Here is our start, please feel free, if you live here, to send me more additions to this list.

Men of Maple Corner 2002 Calendar honored by the Vermont State House and Senate

NEW!! - Dec. 2nd - Our "Got Milk?" ad is out!!! Click here to see the photo. You can get a free copy of this poster by contacting the Vermont Dept. of Agriculture or the Vermont Dairy Council. Send an e-mail with your name and mailing address, and how many posters you need, to: Sally Worthington Sally.Worthington@state.vt.us

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